Juvenile Services

Santa Fe Trail Community Corrections provides intensive supervision for juvenile offenders who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and need more supervision than Court Services can provide. We have two officers in Juvenile Services (JS): an Intensive Supervision Officer (ISO) and a JJA Supervision Officer. Offenders are seen an average of one to two times a week in the JS office. In addition, home checks are done on a random basis, as are curfew checks and community contacts. All are required to provide urine analyses (UAs) as needed.

Youth court-ordered into Juvenile Services receive a Youth Level of Service (YLS) to determine the type and level of services required. Interviews are held with the juvenile and the parent or guardian to gather this information. Interventions may include cognitive-based classes,

In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we offer classes on 

Juvenile Services Reporting Center (JSRC)

The JSRC is an offshoot of SOS, which offers non-traditional studies to USD 443 students. Juveniles work through the Odyssey Ware computer courses, with help from two para-educators. The JSRC accommodates youth on long-term suspension, those who have been expelled from high school, and others who do not do well in a more traditional setting. One of the objectives of the JSRC is to address issues or areas of concern and to reinforce methods and techniques to correct poor social skills or behaviors. To that end, referrals may be made for drug/alcohol services, mental health screening, etc. Clients may also be required to complete community service hours. 

Many youth will finish their high school education through JSRC and receive a diploma through USD 443. Others will be in the program temporarily in order to address specific issues or to catch up on classes they are behind on.