UCC Guidelines

Kansas Register of Deeds Association Website
1. We will only accept the standardized UCC filing forms. (National UCC filing form) All others will be rejected.

2. Documents presented for filing must be presented in the proper medium.

3. Filing fees must accompany document. Payment must be made by check or cash, however in office we do accept debit or credit cards.  See fee schedule below.

4. Document will be rejected if it cannot be properly indexed.

5. We must have one complete debtors name and address and one complete secured party's name and address. If multiple names and addresses are given, the UCC filing will be indexed only to the parties with complete or legible information.

6. Failure to provide all information necessary to file the document. In the case of an assignment, failure to provide a name or address of the assignee would be a cause for rejection.

7. No searches will be done by telephone. We will only accept written requests using the new national form.

Fee Schedule