A Process of Change Program (BIP)

The Batterers' Intervention Program (BIP) is certified through the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. The Options Program consists of one orientation class and a minimum of 26 classes. Currently classes are available for men.

The BIP uses the Family Peace Initiative (Topeka, KS) curriculum. The Program uses an educational approach to address violent and abusive behavior. The philosophical core of the model is the belief that people who batter use physical and sexual violence and other abusive tactics to control their partners. 

This is an interactive course in which participants’ understanding will be reflected in their participation in class discussion, class exercises, workbook assignments and evaluations by the class.

The Kansas Attorney Domestic Violence Offender Assessment is required for all participants prior to enrollment in the program. The cost of the assessment is $125.

The BIP Program consists of an assessment, one orientation class, and a minimum of 26 additional classes. Participants choose to attend either a Tuesday morning or Friday evening class. They pay $20.00 per session (26 weeks and 1 orientation) plus $20 for the workbook.

This program is open to referrals from the community.