Understanding Sexual Abuse

What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse occurs when a person involves or asks a child to engage in any sexual activity. This may include:
  • Forced sexual acts between children
  • Inappropriate touching (clothed or unclothed)
  • Participation in pornography by making children view or read sexual material
  • Penetration using an object or body part
It is important to remember that sexual abuse does not always include sexual intercourse. After a child discloses abuse, it can be confusing for both the child and parent when they encounter different child protection, law enforcement, and medical professionals.

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Important Things to Know About Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual abuse is very common. It is usually done by someone the child knows and trusts.
  • Abusers will often threaten to harm the child or someone else if the child tells.
  • Sexual abuse can be very traumatic for a child and it is often very hard for the child to tell someone about the abuse.
  • Children will reveal abuse in small pieces. Your child may tell you more details about the abuse over days, weeks, or even months.
  • Older children can abuse smaller children when one child uses coercion, force, threats, or gifts to get the other child to participate.