Teaching - Preschool

Teaching Your Children About Sex: What to Teach When: Preschool (Less Than 4 Years)

Basic Information

  • Accurate names for body parts for boys and girls
  • Boys and girls are different
  • Give simple answers to all questions about the body and bodily functions
  • Rules about personal boundaries (for example: keeping private parts covered, not touching other people's private parts)

Safety Information

  • Differences between "okay" touches which are comforting and welcome and "not okay" touches which are intrusive, uncomfortable, unwanted, or painful
  • Everyone has the right to say "no" to being touched, even by grownups
  • It's okay to say "no" when grownups ask you to do things that are wrong such as touching private parts or keeping secrets
  • No one-child or adult-has the right to touch your private parts
  • There is a difference between a "surprise" which is something that will be revealed sometime soon, like a present - and a secret, which is never something you're supposed to tell (stress that it is never okay to keep secrets from mommy and daddy)
  • Who to tell if people do "not okay" things to you, or ask you to do "not okay" things to them
  • Your body belongs to you