Family Safety Plan

As a family, discuss and decide safety rules together. Then post this list on your refrigerator or another prime spot at home. Review the rules regularly so that no one forgets! Be sure to talk about them with caregivers, such as extended family members, babysitters, and teachers.

These Are the Safety Rules for Our Family

  1. No means no! Kids in this house are the bosses of their bodies and have the right to say no to any touch or interaction in regard to their body or personal space.
  2. We tell a trusted adult if anyone touches us or talks to us in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable.
  3. We use proper names for body parts in this house, including for our private parts.
  4. Private parts are our body parts that are covered by a swimsuit.
  5. We don't touch, look at or ask to play games with anyone's private parts.
  6. We don't ask anyone to touch or play games with our private parts.
  7. Boundaries keep us safe. We speak up when someone crosses into our "personal safety zone" or makes us feel uncomfortable.
  8. We respect others' privacy, boundaries, and personal space.
  9. We don't keep secrets. We know that no grown-up should ever ask us to keep a secret.
  10. We speak up and ask questions if we don't understand a rule, expectation or boundary.
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