Ford County Treasurer's Express Renewal Station
Open during the last week of every month. (Except January)

Located on the 1st Floor (Front Desk) at the Ford County Government Center.
Auto, Truck, Motorcycle & Trailer Renewals You must have the following: · Payment by CHECK (Cash not Accepted) · Current Insurance Card for each vehicle · Renewal Notice or License Plate Number · Personal Property Taxes must be paid (KSA 8-173) National Guard, Military Renewals, & All other Transactions must be completed in the Motor Vehicle Department. (3rd Floor)

The Ford County Treasurer’s Office is an agent for the State of Kansas for registering and titling motor vehicles. We issue license plates upon receipt of proper documentation and submission of the correct fees. The fees include registration fees, personal property taxes, title fees, and sales tax, if applicable. Each year the State sends out courtesy reminders six weeks prior to the expiration date of the license plate. It is a state law that every vehicle has proper insurance coverage before the vehicle can be registered. We handle the initial titling of vehicles in Ford County, as well as the annual renewals. The license plates in Kansas expire based on the first letter in the last name of the first person on the title.

Supporting Documents Required for New and Used Vehicles.

  • Title or Certificate of Origin.
  • Sales Tax Receipt (Form ST-8) (If purchased from an individual, sales tax will be collected at the County Treasurer’s office.)
  • Current Registration from the vehicle sold or traded.
  • Current Proof of Insurance (must have the vehicle identification number and current expiration date)
  • Notarized Bill of Sale, or the purchase price must be completed on the assignment of title.
  • The owner of the vehicle must sign the title application at the County Treasurer’s office.

Transfer of Title From Out of State to Kansas

A vehicle owner that has moved to Kansas from another state must register the vehicle immediately, once residence has been established. Wherever the vehicle is garaged, determines the County in which it should be licensed.

A MVE-1 inspection is required before a vehicle may be registered in Kansas. The owner must take the vehicle, title, and a valid driver’s license out to the Ford County Sheriff’s office. The Ford County Sheriff’s office is located at 11311 Comanche Dodge City, Kansas. The inspections are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons only, 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The charge for the inspection is $20.00 payable by cash or money order.

*(The Ford County Sheriff's Dept. inspects Out of State Titles. The Kansas Highway Patrol inspects Non-Hwy and Salvage Titles.)

After the inspection is completed, the owner must bring the following information to the County Treasurer’s office to license the vehicle:

  • Title and supporting documents.
  • MVE-1 Inspection (Pink copy of the vehicle inspection)
  • Proof of Insurance – (Card must include the vehicle ID number and current expiration date.)
  • The owner of the vehicle must sign the title application at the County Treasurer’s office.
  • Copy of the bill of sale or invoice, if this is a new purchase.
  • Owner will pay a title fee, registration fee, personal property tax, and sales tax, if applicable.

Out of County Resident Moving to Ford County

A vehicle owner that has moved from another county in Kansas to Ford County must register his vehicle in Ford County at the regular renewal date for license plates. The following information is needed to renew the plate:

  • Registration renewal notice or prior year registration
  • Proof of Insurance – (Card must include the vehicle ID number and current expiration date.)
  • Proof of payment of personal property tax from the previous county.
  • Owner will pay a registration fee and registration tax.