Patrol is one of the core functions of the Ford County Sheriff’s Office. We have 10 deputies and 4 sergeants assigned to the patrol division. The patrol division is responsible for responding to calls for service, traffic enforcement, crime suppression, suspect apprehension, and civil process duties.

While all of our Deputies are trained to perform specialized roles for the office, we also have in-house instructors for firearms, less lethal munitions, taser, defensive tactics and child safety seat installs. All of the deputies are certified to operate the intoxilyzer test to determine breath alcohol content.

Ford County, KS Map


Ford County has approximately 34,795 residents and an area of 1099 square miles which includes 1,540 miles of roadways. We have Highway 56, Highway 50 and Highway 400 crossing the county east and west with Highway 94 and Highway 283 north and south.

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Ford County has 12 communities:

Bellefont, Bloom, Bucklin, Dodge City, Ford, Howell, Kingsdown, Spearville, Windhorst, Wilroads Garden, Wright and Ft. Dodge.

Dodge City and Spearville both have a full-time police department and Bucklin has a part-time department.