Please Utilize this page to connect with our local Bonding Agencies in the area. The agencies are listed in alphabetical order below.

If you are having difficulties, please contact the On-Duty Detention Sergeant or Staff.

Sheriff"s Office Phone Number: (620) 227-4508

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Bond Agency

Contact PersonPhone NumberWebsite
A-1 BondingReen Bergers(620) 792-3860

A BondingDonald Adams(620) 629-7807

AAA Bonding
Myrna Bresning(620) 227-6022

ACE Bail BondingStacey Farris

A Cherokee BondingAmy Eakin

Affordable Bail BondsBob Scofield

Aide Bail BondsAide Regalabo(620) 253-0590

All Out Bail BondsRobert Symns

Arrow-Atlas Viking BailLarry Lambert(620) 624-4242

Aztec Bail BondingReyes Rodriquez(620) 225-0055

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Bond AgencyContact PersonPhone NumberWebsite
M&M Bail Bonding
Beverly Miller

Morey's Bonding
Jess R. Medina, Jr
(620) 861-0005