Civil Process

Pursuant to Kansas State Statute, the Sheriff, in person or by his Undersheriff or deputy, shall serve and execute, according to law, all process, writs, precepts and orders issued or made by lawful authority and to him directed, and shall attend upon the several courts of record held in his county, a shall receive such fees for his services as are allowed by law.

Though this may appear simple to many, Kansas Sheriffs’ understand how complex and often confusing the job of serving Civil Process may be.

As public officials and officers of the court, sheriffs are obligated to be familiar with civil process law, and are bound by law to efficiently execute process duties.

Kansas courts can hear a case only when they have jurisdiction; subject matter and personal jurisdiction are necessary elements in any action. Process is the mechanism by which courts obtain jurisdiction over certain litigants, and it is the sheriff’s duty to serve that process.

The Ford County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process division consists of (2) two full-time commissioned deputies and (2) two full-time non-commissioned employees.