County Clerk'S OFFICE

The County Clerk is the official Secretary of the Board of County Commissioners. The recorded and approved minutes of the Commission meetings are on file in the County Clerk's office and online.

Other Responsibilities


In Ford County, the County Clerk also serves as the County Election Official. All county elections are the responsibility of the CEO, who in turn is under the direction of the Kansas Secretary of State.


The County Clerk's office maintains current owner of record for property taxation purposes. The clerk also assists with preparation of the county budget. Once all taxing districts of the county have set budgets, they are sent to the County Clerk for levy preparation. In October, the County Clerk calculates and sets mill levies for all county taxing districts. The office also assists with preparations of Homestead Claims and Food Sales Tax Refunds.

November 1, the Clerk certifies the tax roll to the County Treasurer for collection. The final valuations, levies and tax amounts are then filed by abstract to the Kansas Director of Property Valuation. In addition, the Clerk's office pays claims submitted to the county for payment. These claims must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners. A general ledger is prepared and archived in the County Clerk's office. Townships are required to file their annual financial reports with the County Clerk by January 31.

Records & Permits

The Ford County Clerk serves as the Ford County Freedom of Information Officer. The County Clerk is the Official Records Custodian for County documents.

Other responsibilities of the office include issuance of various licenses and permits, such as fireworks, cereal malt beverages, and moving permits.