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April 7, 2014                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Applications Currently Being Accepted for Community Facilities Advisory Board Positions
(Dodge City, Kansas)  The Dodge City and Ford County Commissions are currently accepting applications to fill two positions on the Community Facilities Advisory Board (CFAB). CFAB was created to develop, plan, coordinate, initiate, oversee and provide advice and recommendations concerning the location, acquisition, construction, completion, budgets and operations of the ‘Why Not Dodge’ Projects.  The next project approved by the commissions is the aquatics park.
At the joint city and county commission meeting of March 31st, it was decided to remove the city and county commissioner voting representation and place those positions as ex-officio, adding two additional at-large voting members.  The Board would then be comprised of six at-large members, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation or his/her designee, and ex-officios city commissioner and county commissioner.
The Board meets monthly or as needed and serves as an advisory board to the city and county commissions.  Applications can be downloaded on the city’s website at www.dodgecity.org at  http://www.dodgecity.org/index.aspx?nid=82 , by e-mail request to janelong@dodgecity.org or by calling Jane Longmeyer at 225-8100.  Completed applications are due Monday, May 5th.
Jane Longmeyer
Director of Public Information
City of Dodge City
806 N. Second Ave.
P.O. Box 880
Dodge City, KS 67801-0880

(620) 225-8100 ext. 213
(620) 225-8144 fax
(620) 255-3440 cell


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Late fee waived for commercial motor vehicle registration for one month

The Kansas Division of Vehicles is waiving late fees for one month for commercial motor vehicle operators whose tags must be renewed by Friday, Feb. 28.

The decision means those registering non-farm commercial motor vehicles will not be charged late fees if they register their vehicles by March 31, 2014.
While the Division is notifying Kansas law enforcement agencies of the decision, the vehicle’s tags will legally be expired and drivers could be ticketed by law enforcement. 
Commercial motor vehicle registration is available at 72 state and county treasurers’ offices. More than 45,700 vehicles have successfully registered through the new process.
On Jan. 1, 2014, the Division implemented changes in Kansas law affecting commercial vehicle registration. Heavy trucks and trailers with tags that expired Dec. 31, 2013 were given a two month grace period to register using the new process.
The final week of every month is the busiest time for county treasurers’ offices as people come in to renew their vehicle tags. Because not all treasurers are offering commercial motor vehicle registration, and some operators will need to register for a U.S. DOT number, those waiting until the last moment could miss their renewal deadline. 
"We view waiving the late fees as a customer service to help commercial motor vehicle operators as they acclimate to the changes," said Lisa Kaspar, Director of Vehicles.
Motor carriers operating solely in Kansas as an intrastate motor carrier will receive a new license plate. The new white and purple plate marked “Commercial” will provide an easy reference for law enforcement. Kansas-based motor carriers that drive in Kansas and other states and currently have an apportioned tag will continue to receive the license plate that is white with red marked “Apportioned.”
The definition of a commercial vehicle is not changing; the federal rules have been in place since July 2000. The new system will help ensure that all commercial vehicles are properly registered and comply with existing federal and state laws. Currently, commercial vehicles should be operating under a U.S. DOT number; that DOT number will be used to set up the new intrastate commercial vehicle registration account. 
A commercial vehicle is a non-farm vehicle used to transport property or passengers and: 
·           Has a gross vehicle weight or gross combination vehicle weight of 10,001 pounds or more 
·           Is designed or used to transport 15 or more passengers, including the driver or
·           Is used to transport hazardous material in a quantity requiring placarding. 
If a vehicle meets any one of the three criteria, it is considered a commercial vehicle. 
More information is available in the commercial vehicle registration section of www.truckingks.org, there operators can also check if their county treasurer’s office offers commercial vehicle registration or to register for a DOT number.

The Ford County Health Department has Meningitis vaccine available for uninsured college bound students!! The Kansas Immunization Program has some one-time discretionary funding to use for uninsured college bound students age 19 years and older who are NOT Protected against MENINGITIS! Quantities are limited and are on a first come first serve basis as long as vaccine is available.




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